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In these times of crisis, it is our highest concern that everybody stay healthy and safe. Obviously the less people move and travel, the better their chances to stay healthy. So we encourage you to take all measures necessary.

A Friend in Berlin is a small company so luckily we do not have a lot of overhead costs and we can survive for many months without business. Nevertheless we continue to operate should you wish a tour in Berlin, Munich, or elsewhere in Germany. There will be no cancellation fee should you cancel up to 24 hours in advance. Of course we adhere to all the regulations and public safety advice so you can be sure that we would do everything in our power to minimize any risk of catching the virus.

In the meantime we got together and filmed some shots of Berlin - Please check out the video: We may also do a live-session soon to give you some Berlin-stories, and to answer your questions, so stay tuned to our Facebook page!

Hopefully things will improve soon. Stay healthy and come back once the risk dies down!

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Eastern Europe


If you are planning A trip to Eastern Europe, Prague will surely be your first stop. It is a beautiful city, with an old city that has survived the war without any major damage. The Charles Bridge and the Castle are world famous, and the Jewish Quarter boasts Europe’s Oldest Synagogue plus the largest Jewish Cemetery with some 12000 grave stones. The best way to see all the sights is to hire a private guide. I have gone to Prague and done the tour myself!


Jirina has lived in Prague all her life, but her English is excellent. Originally a scientist, she started some ten years ago to show visitors through Prague. She will show you the whole city, and the surrounding country side as well. Also, as she is a member of the small remaining Jewish Community, she can take you through the Jewish Section as no other guide can.


Budapest is another must see during your trip thorugh the East. You will be surprised how beautiful this city is: Eastern Europe’s Paris. I have been there several times and have met with the best guides. I would be happy to put you in touch with one.


Gabriela is a wonderful guide who knows Budapest inside out. She has great stories to tell of how life used to be under the communists and she will go out of her way to make sure that you’ll have a great stay in Budapest!