Dear Customers, dear Friends, dear Travelers looking for Advice during the Corona crisis!

In these times of crisis, it is our highest concern that everybody stay healthy and safe. Obviously the less people move and travel, the better their chances to stay healthy. So we encourage you to take all measures necessary.

A Friend in Berlin is a small company so luckily we do not have a lot of overhead costs and we can survive for many months without business. Nevertheless we continue to operate should you wish a tour in Berlin, Munich, or elsewhere in Germany. There will be no cancellation fee should you cancel up to 24 hours in advance. Of course we adhere to all the regulations and public safety advice so you can be sure that we would do everything in our power to minimize any risk of catching the virus.

In the meantime we got together and filmed some shots of Berlin - Please check out the video: We may also do a live-session soon to give you some Berlin-stories, and to answer your questions, so stay tuned to our Facebook page!

Hopefully things will improve soon. Stay healthy and come back once the risk dies down!

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ASR partners


ASR is the alliance of independent travel enterprises.

Toscana Forum


Toscana Forum offers a various range of individually selected holiday accommodation to all Tuscany fans who not only love and appreciate the local culture but relish the very beauty of this region.

We are indeed at your service to advise and assist you with organising and arranging your vacation but are also here for you during and after your stay, after normal office hours and at the weekend! Be assured that we take great care in choosing the accommodation for you and we do visit the properties on a regular basis to be able to keep you up to date and informed of any changes.

All destinations: Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, Sardinia. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



kultour-kontor und konsultation GmbH ist ein Studienreiseveranstalter für maßgeschneiderte Gruppenreisen, Städtereisen und Exkursionen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf den Kulturen der Mittelmeerländer und des südlichen Kaukasus. Zu den Kunden zählen Vereine, Freundeskreise, Universitäten, Pfarrgemeinden und Chöre.

Polenreisen Nürnberg


Polenreisen Nürnberg - Spezialist für indiviuelle Gruppenreisen und Klassenfahrten nach Polen.

Entdecken Sie mit uns das Land der tausend Seen!

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