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Germany: Customized tours

If you have A group of people, no matter how many, I will organize a tour of Germany for you. This would include transportation, hotels, guided tours.

A tour could look like this:

Day 1:

Arrival in Munich, transfer to your hotel, rest. Afternoon: tour of Munich

Day 2:

Drive out to Neuenschwanstein. A little over an hour from Munich, this romantic castle (the model for Disney’s castle) is situated at the foot of the Alps. You will have an opportunity to make stunning photographs and also tour the castle that Ludwig II built. Later visit Neuschwangau, another castle, and the city of Oberammergau.

Day 3:

Visit Dachau and/or more sights in Munich. Visit the Pinakothek, a beer garden, or Nymphenburg Palace.

Day 4:

Drive to Dresden, considered by many the most beautiful city in Germany. Walking tour through the city and visit the Frauenkirche. Spend the night.

Day 5:

A boat tour to Pillnitz. Dresden has the oldest steam boat fleet in the world and you will enjoy this trip on the very romantic river Elbe. On the way back, drive over the “Blue Wonder” and have lunch at Schiller’s beer garden. Visit the Panometer, the Zwinger (Old Masters), and the “Green Vault”, an unbelievable collection of trinkets and treasures.

Day 6:

Transfer to Berlin, city tour.

Day 7:

Tour of Potsdam

Day 8:

Visit Pergamon and Neues Museum, and do another tour of Berlin

Day 9:


You can of course also see different cities, do shorter or longer tours. Just tell me how much time you have and what you would like to see and I will make a proposal for you and your group.